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Anonymous asked:
Why do you wear bindis? That's disrespectful


the bindi is used to help with spiritual concentration during meditation and relates to the sixth chakra, our third eye, a cosmic center of which all human beings obtain. why is it disrespectful if i and others feel an affinity with aspects of another culture? that’s like saying to a trans woman, you are being disrespectful to women when they are in their heart and soul a woman. STOP telling me and others what i should and should not do. do YOU really believe wearing a bindi is disrespectful? or is it just because some tumblr PC warrior convinced you that it was so? i do not do it it out of disrespect, i do it out of respect. i instruct yoga, a practice that originated from the east that saved my life. try not to be so dense and search for someone’s intention before you needlessly call them out on something. there are actual atrocities going on throughout the world that are worthy of your outrage. stop soiling yourself over non-issues.

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